I am trying to redirect the user to a page for which he is an organic user, and I want this redirect to happen after user login.

I am trying to use the hook_user_login() to make this redirect. However, I have found that when I inspect the $user object when it hits that hook, the $user->og_user_node field is empty. When I look at the user's edit screen (or when I inspect it with devel), it does have associated groups.

How can I retrieve a user's groups to make this redirect?


Since you are using code to do this you should be able to use og_get_groups_by_user to return that information. This will return all groups of either the active user or the $account object that you pass to the function.

You can also use Rules to do this without code pretty easily. There is a rule export on this page to help get started if you want to go that way.

Just to add: the place you are looking for the og group should be under og_membership I think, not og_user_nodes but that's off the top of my head :)


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