I am new to Drupal and I have completed the installation process for Commerce Kickstart in my XAMPP environment.

When I try to access the admin page of my sample commerce-kickstart demo eshop, I get an error like so:

error 403 access denied

I am using the predefined Username (admin) and password and PHP 5.3.6.

Can anyone help me to get logged in as admin?

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Check if anything in this list of typical things might help:

  • Check if you get the same problem using another browser. If with another browser it works, then it might be a cookie problem. To solve that, delete the cookie in the browser where you have the problem.

  • Make sure "clean urls" is enabled. Refer to "Clean URL leads to duplicate URL after migration to another hosting" for more details on that.

  • Make sure the value of "base_url" is set correctly (in your settings.php).


For all Drupal installs you can use /users to /user/login to access login form, unless the paths have been changed.

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