How can I choose how to display the fields from the database returned by the data block (using the Forena module)? Such as a field just returns a number, but each number of that field represents something else that I'd like to display. For example:

 if (id=5) { $text = "see website"; } else { $text = "free"; }

If this is not possible, how in general can I change how the fields are displayed?


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When you're "developing" a report (= Specifying the various report options), you have a choice to do so using either of the following features:

  • Use the WYSIWYG Report Writer, something novice Forena users typically do, or end users that are granted permissions to "develop" their own reports (and which get saved in Forena's typical '.frx' files).

    In this case, you should look at Fields (within the WYSIWYG tutorial), located also at /reports/help.reportingwysiwyg#fields in your own site.

  • "Code" your own reports in the XHTML language used in Forena (saved in '.frx' files), which is called "FRX Report Writing". This is what the real power users will want to do, since it gives them the full XHTML power to build any report.

    In this case, you should look at Fields (within the FRX tutorial), located at /reports/help.reportingwysiwyg#fields in your own site.

Be prepared: there are quite some options to pick from ...

  • I've updated the structure > forena reports > rec report > layout page. I removed two <th> rows as well as two matching <td> rows. I then updated it. I cleared the cache (drupal and browser) but when I download the CSV it still shows the fields I thought I'd removed. When I go to view the data returned in the structure > forena reports area it's showing only the correct fields. Know how to update the CSV so it returns only the desired fields as well?
    – Sage
    Commented Jul 21, 2015 at 21:38

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