I had the idea to create a Drupal site with the feature of bid wars between two users in a certain product.

User A and User B will pay the same amount of money which will be bind in the website. Then both users will have something like a mini game between them and when both users mark the war as finished, both amount of money will moved to one of their PayPal account. Except of a fixed fee percentage.


  • User A and User B pay 50$ each of them.
  • After their "fight", user B wins and he gets 100$ - 2% fee= 98$.

Is there any way to do this automatically with the PayPal module or with another indirect solution?

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this would get complicated with paypal .. as only a transaction is refundable .., and no 'payouts' are supported in commerce ..

why don't you convert payments to userpoints, and safe the paypal refund fee. and do the payout of the points on request manually or with massrefunds.com ?

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