In my custom theme there is an option to choose navigation menu and type of navigation menu (TB Megamenu and Superfish Menu) from a select list in theme settings page. In my tpl file am able to pass selected menu into TB Megamenu using the following piece of code.

if (module_exists('tb_megamenu')) {
$block = block_load('tb_megamenu','SELECTED Menu');
$output =   _block_get_renderable_array(_block_render_blocks(array($block)));
print render($output);

From my research i didn't any methods to assign a selected menu to superfish. By using following code my main-menu is changed to superfish.

$block = block_load('superfish', 1);

How can i assign a selected nagivation menu as superfish menu..?? I am using Superfish Module version = "7.x-1.9" Welcome for all suggestions...


We can done it by using following code..

variable_set('superfish_menu_1', 'MENU MACHINE NAME');

Using this we are updating the default menu value in superfish block 1

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