I'm working on a custom theme called "YingYang". I didn't make the theme, but I have to do some stuff with it. The theme has custom text settings which is bassically some pre-set content.

It looks like this enter image description here

Now my question is: How can I create a new text setting for this theme?

I've been searching for a while in the drupal UI and in the code, but I can't find anything about it.



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Right now this option in your theme is in configuration setting. I think they done it using some custom module. Edit the module file, add a new text area using following code..

 $form['name']= array(
'#type' => 'textarea',
'#title' => t('Main Address'),


Save the


using variable_set('name' , value) in form submit. Then retrieve variable in template using variable_get('name').

Another easy method is just edit your theme-settings.php. Add a new textarea field. you will get the field in your Home » Administration » Appearance » Settings. You can access that value using

theme_get_setting('field name'); 

Hope this will helps you...


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