Hello Drupal community,

I'm trying to develop a customized module that updates the database with some operations on some fields (geocoding an adress field) after an import using feeds. Any idea which hook I should use?



There is a hook_feeds_after_import for this

  • Do you know how can i debug it ? I can't see any variable using either dpm(), kpr() or var_dump(). – Ismail H Jul 20 '15 at 14:44
  • You can debug using watchdog function – Andrew Jul 20 '15 at 15:16

I found another way to alter the feed import. while importing, feeds uses to node functions : hook_node_save() and hook_node_presave(). Instead of using feeds' hook i used hook_node_presave() which alter the query before it is executed.

Works good for me !

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