We decided to go from a perl website to Drupal 7 (PHP 5.5.23).

My big question is how do i migrate the DB which is PSQL 9.1 to mySQL. I've heard of the Migrate module, Drush, MySQL Workbench.

Can someone direct me on which steps to take after converting my postgresql schema to mysql?


I end up using the feeds importers modules. You may have to change (rewrite/delete) your tables.

  1. dump my table in a csv file (*.csv) make sure to add the headers.
  2. create a content type with the name of my table and have all the columns of my tables
  3. create a feed importer make sure to map the sources (postgreql) and target (drupal mysql) columns
  4. got the import link (homepage/import) to upload the file. this may take a few minutes depending on how big you DB is.
  5. when you go to content you should see all the newly added rows

Hope it helps.


As an alternative to migrating such Postgress database, you may want to go for a co-existence approach (which eventually you can still migrate later on). To do so, have a look at the Forena module (disclosure: I'm a co-maintainer of it). It can be used to build reports and/or charts about data stored in your existing Postgress database. Here is a quote about Forena:

... built of the idea of using SQL to get data out of a database and use XHTML and CSS to format it into web reports.

The advantage of this approach is that you get lots of Drupal features available, while the "backend-part" of your application continues to be the applicationn you already have (you don't loose the investements made in that).

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