I have a taxonomy that have 35(States) -> 650(Districts) -> 6500(Blocks) -> 650000(Villages) taxonomy terms using hierarchical select module

when i filter it on my content type form then it's performance is very slow. so, i want to know that how to increase it's performance when filtering.

i have installed taxonomy manager module but we can't use it as CCK Field of Taxonomy Term.

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Using High-performance JavaScript callback handler will speed up it a bit while i recommend using Simple hierarchical select rather than Hierarchical Select , cause it is much faster in queries (off course less user friendly) .

this is the description High-performance JavaScript callback handler :

JavaScript callback handler is an interim solution for high-performance server requests including (but not limited to) AHAH, AJAX, JSON, XML, etc. This project targets module developers and provides a "bare bone" callback handler which is intended to be addressed by modules wanting to improve response times for specialized tasks.

  • i have tried it but it's working but not fully satisfied Commented Jul 21, 2015 at 9:32

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