I have a list of four series (taxonomy terms) in a vocabulary. There is a content type with a field to relate the content that gets added to this CT to one of the four series (terms) in this vocabulary.

So for example with two series:

  • General Assessment Series

  • Specialty Practice Series

enter image description here

Now I have a view that is pulling a list of all these pieces of content from these four series on one page. My design calls for the list to display what series this piece of content belongs to along with the count this piece of content is in the list of content belonging to this series like - enter image description here

so each piece of content being displayed it shows the "Issue #" - which should be showing based on the order the content was created and related to that series.

Example sake: I add "Content 1" and relate it to the "General Assessment Series" by selecting that taxonomy term "General Assessment Series" from the field drop down. I add "Content 2" and relate it to the "General Assessment Series". When it's displayed in this list I would like for it to show for "Content 1" "Issue #1 of - General Assessment Series", for "Content 2" "Issue #2 of - General Assessment Series".

I thought being able to use tokens in views fields would help. But it seems like that is not currently possible - https://www.drupal.org/node/2037473 .

Anyone know of any way to accomplish this with just Views Configuration without having to write custom code I would greatly appreciate it!

I have seen this post but that seems to only show how to display list of terms with count of nodes using that term like:

  • termName(2)
  • termName(4)

Not for what I need to do to display the content with what count number it is in the list of terms like:

  • Content 1 of 'termName'
  • Content 2 of 'termName'

I know that you can set the format to html ordered list and group by the tag, but that will number the items automatically as in a standard ordered list with no control of the placement or prefixing with "Issue #". See this post for example: Number items in a grouped view, resetting counter with each group

I think the views_php module with some custom coding could possibly work. I'll admit to having difficulties in getting parameters to reset effectively at times, but perhaps your mileage will vary.

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