I have a vocabulary with 4 taxonomy terms. There is a content type with a taxonomy reference field for that vocabulary.

I have a view that is pulling a list of all these nodes on a page. My design calls for the list to display to which taxonomy term the nodes belong, along with a progressive number.


Each node shows Issue #, where the progressive number shows which node was created first for that taxonomy term.

I thought being able to use tokens in view fields would help, but it seems it isn't currently possible, reading Provide Field item that supports Text Filters.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this without writing custom code?

I saw Node count for taxonomy terms, but that's about showing a node count, while I want to show a progressive number.

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I know that you can set the format to html ordered list and group by the tag, but that will number the items automatically as in a standard ordered list with no control of the placement or prefixing with "Issue #". See Number items in a grouped view, resetting counter with each group, for example.

I think the views_php module with some custom coding could possibly work. I'll admit I have difficulties in getting parameters to reset effectively at times, but perhaps your mileage will vary.

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