I have a module with a page callback handler for the path "products". So if the user navigates to products/apples then the module presents a page about our apples, and if they go to products/oranges then etc. These pages include detail about the various products.

I would like XML Sitemap to be populated from my module. After all, it's my module that knows what products exist, their descriptions etc.

Any hook or anything I can use for that?

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The base function you call is xmlsitemap_link_save().

I am unaware of any documentation on how to use this, but nodes get added to the sitemap via xmlsitemap_node_nodeapi() which in turn calls xmlsitemap_node_create_link(). The code for that should provide some guidance on how to build $link.

  • Brilliant, thanks. Looks like I just loop through my paths chucking them at xmlsitemap_link_save() with 'type'=>'custom'. Thank you! Dec 2, 2011 at 16:57

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