I tried to look for bulk page manager for Drupal 7, but I wasn't successful. More specifically, I'd like to change access settings for multiple pages in one step. Something similar to what VBO provides for entities.

Any suggestions?


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Content Access VBO

Maybe you want to look at Content Access VBO ... It's (still) a sandbox project, so not sure if you really want to consider it. Here are some details about it (quote from that link):

... creates an action for Views Bulk Operations to update per node content access (view/edit/delete etc). It adds a menu item to the Content menu tree and adds a new view which lists content with the VBO action as a button.

But at least it may help to get more inspiration to build your custom module to get this done.

Combine Rules with Views Bulk Operations or Content Access

Another approach is to use the Rules module, combined with modules Views Bulk Operations and/or Content Access. Here are a few questions that may help to get more inspiration about its possibilities (the sky is the limit ...):

  • Thanks, but all these solutions seems to be related to entities, not Ctools Pages. I'll look into the CA VBO module, but it seems to be using very different concepts. Jul 22, 2015 at 10:26

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