I have a content type shortcut with the fields field_namespace and field_active. Additionally, I have a Taxonomy term vocabulary named namespace that is used in field_namespace.

Example content:

Title       | Namespace   | Active
Shortcut 1  | Namespace A | True
Shortcut 2  | Namespace A | False
Shortcut 3  | Namespace B | False

Now, I have a view displaying a list of these Taxonomy terms as a table. A column of this table display the number of Shortcuts tagged with the particular term. Example:

Namespace   | Shortcut count
Namespace A | 2
Namespace B | 1

I built this using a Views Relationship with Taxonomy term: Content with term. I used this relationship to add the Field Shortcut: Nid with the Aggregation Type COUNT DISTINCT.

What I now want: The Shortcut count shall only consider Shortcuts whose field_active is True, i.e. the output shall be:

Namespace   | Shortcut count
Namespace A | 1
Namespace B | 0

So the COUNT DISTICT aggregation shall be somehow filtered by the value in field_active.

Is there an UI way to do this? If not, which hook is appropriate to do it programmatically?

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After having asked a friend, I can now answer the question myself.

The solution is pretty straightforward: At FILTER CRITERIA, I simply add field_active, with the operator "Is one of" checking the value "On".

I thought, FILTER CRITERIA may only be fields actually displayed, but this is not the case. It works for all fields being in any form used in the view.

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