I have a global PHP field provided by views php module. I tried two functions to calculate the date difference, date_diff() and $fieldDate->difference() but it always gives me an ajax error. I think it causes by date format of the date field but I don't know how to fix it. What is right here?

$load = $data->field_field_date_loading[0]['raw']['value'];
echo $diff->format("%R%a days");


$load = $data->field_field_date_loading[0]['raw']['value'];
$diff = $load->difference($today, 'days');
echo $diff;

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The function date() is a formatting function, if you want to use date_diff() your code needs to be something like:

$today = new DateTime();
$load = new DateTime($data->field_field_date_loading[0]['raw']['value']);
$diff = date_diff($load, $today);

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