Short version: I'd like to change what is displayed in a certain rendered Node field, if the viewing user meets certain conditions. I think the Rules action "Execute Custom PHP" can do this? But I have no experience with PHP.

Less short version: On the site, users read artistic content. A link at the top of the page gives them the option to buy said content. This should give them access to a .zip file that contains Goodies.

The node's Download field shows a link to go and buy the content. On page load, if the user owns the content (determined by a Rules condition), I want the link to be replaced with a download link. Ideally, the new link would be retrieved from a hidden field on the node.

Clever use of the "hidden" parameter could also achieve this effect, but I imagine the solution would look pretty similar. Or is this at all doable in the way I've described?

Pointers to solutions or alternatives would both be appreciated. Thanks!

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If anyone's interested in what I did here: this is best done using Views and Panels. Determining if a user owned a certain item required Views PHP. Once I got that working, it was pretty extensible, and I was able to implement some other displays based on it.

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