I would like to mirror Linux dev.example.com into Windows dev.example.com.local properly to be able to do development locally.

  1. I have already set up xampp and hosts (dev.example.com.local)
  2. I have created localhost mysql database instance (dev).
  3. I have set up Drupal 7 settings.php on local.
  4. I can export remote db into sql.zip file and I can import it into local db

The key question I have now is how to properly handle mysql export and import to make sure both local and remote mysql instances are in sync?

I bet Step 4 is not enough here.

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Step 4 is enough, they both will be in sync until you change data on one or the other instance.

As a bonus tip, you can ease this procedure by using drush to sync your environnements, via the use of drush aliases.

More details on this here.

Good-luck friend, happy coding.

  • I like answers of @greg-anderson and @betaride too but this one in my opinion is the most relevant to the question.
    – LLub
    Commented Dec 15, 2011 at 10:44

You need only add an important step 5 to the above list:

  1. drush clear-cache all

Unfortunately, drush sql-sync is not currently supported on Windows. Patches welcome!

  • thank you , as you noticed I am looking for a Windows compatible solution here.
    – LLub
    Commented Dec 3, 2011 at 16:24

A very hand module for this is backup and migrate. It creates or intalls a complete backup of your db with one mouse click.


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