I have content type called the materials with 2 temperature fields as Max. and Min.

in the views, there is between operator from filter and normally it use for user could input 2 values to the form for filter.

from my case, I want user could input 1 temperature value in the filter and the views result will be the termperaure between Max. and Min. fields.

is that any way could approach this function?

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Use the Views Filters Populate module. It allows you to populate multiple field filters.

Create 2 filters:

  1. Min (w/ Is less than or Equal to operator)
  2. Max (w/ Is greater than or Equal to operator)

Add an exposed Global: Populate filters filter with both the Min/Max filters selected. This will create an exposed filter that will search for items between your Mix/Max fields.


The Range module allows you to add a numeric range field to a content type and provides Views filters allowing you to select values within or without the range.

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