Views with flexslider takes lot of times in rendering items/images.

Situation is that I have more than 5 flexslider carousels on the front page. So I changed to go without view with flexslider.

I am trying to use flexslider carousel using template file. Due to flexslider.css, I am not able to see .slides>li .

See following lines:

.flexslider .slides > li {
    display: none;

Even not able to see any slider movement there. Somehow I tried according to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7539542/trying-to-get-flexslider-jquery-slider-to-work-with-drupal

Can anybody help me to create flexslider without view or manage display? I want to create using tpl files.

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The common and very accepted way is to use a module and do everything from the UI:

I used Flexslider and it's a great module - If I remember correctly, you can use it's field display-option directly, without using Views. An "Instant" slider alternative could be the module "Content glider", but I'm not sure if it's responsive (the word responsive doesn't come up in the modules' page) so Better try the Flexslider field set first.

For better performance in slider image-replacement (and in general) you could try turning on Caching and Aggregation, and use modules like AvgAgg, Boost, and some others, it's a whole subject.

  • Thanks for reply! but I donot want to apply caching here because content is changing here so often & one page containing more than 5 flexslider according content attached to term id. that means 10 contents in each row with flexslider & each row is filtered by term id.
    – AmitKP
    Jul 26, 2015 at 5:21
  • Surly it's better to apply caching after all is done...
    – user16289
    Oct 16, 2015 at 6:37

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