I'm having an issue where my menu block doesn't appear on certain pages in a different language.

I have my main navigation shown in a menu block and it appears on my news view at mysite.com/consumers/news/year/2015 and articles at /consumers/news/article-title

The problems is there is content in other languages and the block does not appear on /fr/consumers/news/year/2015 nor /fr/consumers/news/test-fr-article

The block is not restricted to any users, roles, languages or content types. The visibility filter is set to Only the listed pages


but it just doesn't show up on those specific French pages for some reason.

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Ok, I figured out the issue was there was a menu position rule for consumers/news* in any language appearing under a menu item in the English language menu. I set this rule to be English only then replicated it for French language items under the French menu

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