After migrating from Apache server to IIS (7.5), I have some permission problems in Drupal: modules don't seem to have the permissions to delete (unlink) or create files, not even from/into "sites/default/files" folder.

What really interesting is, that if I create my own test.php with a simple file_put_contents in it, it does create and unlink files without any error messages.

BUT for example from AddThis module I got the following error message:

unlink(sites/default/files/addthis/addthis_widget.js) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in C:\<mydrupalpath>\source\includes\file.inc on line 481.

After that, I right clicked the mentioned file, Properties > Security tab > added Everyone with "Full control" rights. Not surprising, this way unlink was already successful.

BUT after that, I can see this it in the Drupal log:

"The directory sites/default/files/addthis is not writable, because it does not have the correct permissions set"

OK, tried to set the right permissions with icacls with granting "modify" and "write" permission to sites/default/files directory like this:

c:\<mydrupalpath>\source\sites\default\files /t /grant "IIS APPPOOL\MyDrupalAppPool":(OI)(CI)(M,W,RX)

OK, result is "Successfully processed 228 files".
Refreshing Drupal site in browser...
Hmm, didn't work, the same error message again (permission problems)...

I don't understand... if I query the rights with icacls on "files" OR files\addthis directory, it says my application pool does have "modify" rights:

IIS APPPOOL\MyDrupalAppPool:(OI)(CI)(M)

I do have permission problems with Gallery module too... :(

What should I do not to have permission problems in "files" folder when modules try to delete from/write into it?

Thanks in advance!


From here I got the idea to run the following command on a console ("Determining the account used as IIS anonymous identity"):

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list config "MyDrupalAppPool" ^ /section:anonymousAuthentication

The result was the following:

      <anonymousAuthentication enabled="true" userName="IUSR" />

And then running the following command seems to have solved the problem of writing to/deleting from the "files" directory:

icacls c:\<mydrupalpath>\sites\default\files /t /grant IUSR:(OI)(CI)(M)

I don't know if it's secure enough... Please leave comments if you think there is any kind of problem with this approach. Thanks.

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