This is incredibly frustrating. Here's the deal. I have a drush alias defined for a server I'm working with. No matter what command it is, if it needs to bootstrap Drupal it fails with no drupal site found or some variant. Running drush with --debug gives me less than useful information although if you'd like to see it I'm happy to provide it.

I can run drush @alias sqlc and get the mysql command line on the remote server. I just cannot run things like drush @alias st or drush @alias cc all for example.

If I SSH to the server, change into the directory (i.e. /sites/default) and run the same commands they work fine. So this is only when going over a remote alias.

Here's the alias definition:

$aliases['alias'] = array(
     'uri' => 'site.com',
     'root' => '/usr/share/nginx/html/drupal/docroot',
     'remote-host' => 'us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com',
     'remote-user' => 'ubuntu',
     'ssh-options' => '-i /Users/name/.ssh/id_rsa -q',
     'db-url' => 'mysql://dbuser:dbpassword@localhost/www',
     'path-aliases' => array(
       '%files' => 'sites/default/files',
       '%dump-dir' => '/tmp'
      'command-specific' => array (
        'sql-sync' => array (
          'no-cache' => TRUE,

Am I missing something here? I've done this a thousand times and for whatever reason this time it refuses to work.

Note: I have downgraded to Drush 6.x just in case it was a 7.x problem. Same result.

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    Is your settings file in sites/default/settings.php on the remote? Or is it in a subdomain? Aug 1, 2015 at 0:17
  • That's what's so odd. It's in the default folder. Everything works fine on the server.
    – webkenny
    Aug 1, 2015 at 2:25
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    Try removing the dburl from your aliases file. If that works I'll create an answer. Aug 1, 2015 at 2:58
  • Thanks for the tip but that seems to fail. Here's what I get when I run drush @myalias.www st... Minmi:~ ksilanskas$ drush @myalias.www st PHP executable : /usr/bin/php PHP configuration : /etc/php5/cli/php.ini PHP OS : Linux Drush script : /home/ubuntu/.composer/vendor/drush/drush/drush.php Drush version : 7.0.0 Drush temp directory : /tmp Drush configuration : Drush alias files :
    – webkenny
    Aug 1, 2015 at 14:54

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Well this is embarrassing.... The problem was my %root directive. I had an additional directory tacked on. It was usr/share/nginx/drupal/docroot. Not no html in the path.

Upvotes for @Queenvictoria though for commenting and getting me to realize my error by poking back in the alias file. Thanks!

  • Glad you found the solution. It had to be something simple! Aug 1, 2015 at 22:05

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