I'm trying to debug why Drupal Commerce License Billing isn't working on existing install but works fine on fresh install.

The difference I can see between the two when adding a new billing type is after entity_get_info is ran (after saving a new type) the clean install has two array elements complete the existing install does not.

Those two elements are "base table field types" and "schema_fields_sql".

So for some reason those elements aren't set in the existing install.

Any ideas why those elements wouldn't be populated or where they are set so I can further debug?


  • Could you elaborate on what arrays you are comparing? Did you mean the return value of entity_get_info()? Commented Aug 3, 2015 at 20:07
  • yes the return value of entity_get_info. one contains values for base table field types and schema_fields_sql, the other array has both of these values as NULL. So something isn't setup right on the existing install, but im not sure what makes those elements populated.
    – RJ Johns
    Commented Aug 4, 2015 at 20:00

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My first guess would be that the cache is somehow corrupted. To fix that you'll need to clear the drupal caches

If that doesn't help you'll need some more in-depth debugging.

For further debugging you'll need some easy way to execute code in your drupal environment. I'd suggest to use drush ev or drush php-script for that. -- Here is some information on how to install drush if you don't have it installed already.

At this point I think there are only two causes left:

  1. entity_get_info() only populates schema_fields_sql if the base table key is present. So it might by that somehow the base table is not set. To check that take a look at the return value of module_invoke_all('entity_info'). For debugging you'll need to take a look at all modules in module_implements('entity_info').
  2. If the original data in module_invoke_all('entity_info') includes a base table the only other way to corrupt the information is some implementation of hook_entity_info_alter(). Use module_implements('entity_info_alter') to find all modules you need to check.

If you need further help please provide at least the dump of entity_get_info() and module_invoke_all('entity_info').

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