I noticed the existence of this file_usage table in D7's database and I was wondering if it's possible to link in a new node the same file I uploaded using a file field in a previously created node. This seems logical to me, yet I can't seem to find a way to do it.

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The FileField Sources module expands the file field widget and allows the user to select new or existing files through additional means, including re-use files by an auto-complete textfield, attach server-side files uploaded via FTP, transfer files from a remote server (cURL required) and select existing files through the IMCE file browser.

The Media module (2.x) provides and additional file field widget which use its media browser to upload or select a (media) file.


I know this an old thread, but https://drupal.org/project/media does what you want. (or at least the goal of media is to do what you want.)

If you can use media 2.x (as I write this there are several show stoppers with wysiwyg editors and 2.x) I would go that route.

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