How do I resize image directly while uploading the image?

Select image from Computer > Upload > Resize directly to dimension that I want.


If you are looking for crop image, then use Imagefield Crop module you can do that. Use image upload with crop as your widget after installing this module. Some other image crop modules are also available.

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  • If the original image is 1mb and the resize image is 100kb. The total uploaded images to website is 1mb + 100kb or 100kb only? I am looking the resize module that upload resize image only. @Abin – user73963 Aug 5 '15 at 14:45

Try Max Image Size module

On the module page it says:

This module will resize uploaded images to be below the set dimensions. It is not an image style or other presentation layer module. If you want to maintain the original image you should use Image Resize Filter or an image style. The use case for this module is sites where users may upload very large images, but you do not want/need to keep the original.

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