I have created a views to display flagged content. But the flag page is accessed by all users. I want users to access only their own flagged page.

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You need to create custom Views access plugin for this. First, you need to create mymodule.info file with next code

name = Mymodule
description = Custom code
core = 7.x
package = custom
dependencies[] = views
files[] = mymodule_access_plugin.inc

Second, add mymodule_access_plugin.inc in the your module folder with next code


 * Access plugin that provides property based access control.
class mymodule_access_plugin extends views_plugin_access {

  function summary_title() {
    return t('Custom access plugin');
  } // summary_title()

   * Determine if the current user has access or not.
  function access($account) {    
    return mymodule_access($account);

  function get_access_callback() {
    return array('mymodule_access', array());


Third, implement hook_views_plugins in your mymodule.module file


 * Implements hook_views_plugins()
function mymodule_views_plugins() {
  $plugins = array(
    'access' => array(
      'test' => array(
        'title' => t('Custom access check'),
        'help' => t('This is a custom access plugin'),
        'handler' => 'mymodule_access_plugin',
        'path' => drupal_get_path('module', 'mymodule'),
  return $plugins;

function mymodule_access($account = NULL) {
  global $user;
  if (!empty($account->uid) && $account->uid == $user->uid) {
    return TRUE;
  else {
    return FALSE;

Fourth, clear caches and apply your custom access plugin in views

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Use the Rules module, and a rule that is a variation of the rule I included (in export format) in my answer to the question about How to restrict access to a node via node/12 and allow access via a path like content/sometitle?

These are the changes to that rule to make it work for this case also:

  • Change node to user and add /flag at the end.
  • Add a Rules 'Condition' like "If the value used for % does not match the uid".
  • Change the "Message" (in the Rules 'Action'- to something to indicate that the user can only use a value that matches their own uid.
  • Modify the Rules 'Action' to fit your own requirements, e.g. to issue a redirect to their own 'flagged page'!

Haven't experimented/tried creating this rule (= variation of the rule in the answer I mentioned above). But pretty sure it'll work. Hopefully you'll be able to complete the rest of the puzzle in my answer on your own.


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