I am using service module 7.x-3.12. The index call by node resource provides provides node related data but only from node table. I can't fetch the value from custom fields of a node. So I want to alter the query in index call build by services_resource_build_index_query() function. But I can't find any way to alter the query.

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You can use rules for this to add custom field or you can use "hook_services_request_postprocess_alter" to add new array with custom field.

Using rule you can set in event "Content is viewed of type .." and in action you need to custom php that returns $node->custom_field = val;


You can use hook_query_alter() to alter any query that uses Drupal's database API.

Example from the docs:

function hook_query_alter(QueryAlterableInterface $query) {
  if ($query->hasTag('micro_limit')) {
    $query->range(0, 2);

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