I am trying to add custom no result behaviour to a view. I have many pages with view panes in them. Sometimes if no results are available, I would like to be able to display a 404. This is not an option when it's a view pane. I would like to do this in a reusable way where if the view pane has that custom option then this happens.

I can hard code this stuff on one of views hook, but ideally I want to be able to configure such behavior.

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This is not an option in views panes because a 404 should be returned by the page_callback handler, which in this case is the panel that is holding the pane.

Option 1, see if this module works views404, but I have not used it so I do not know for sure.

Option 2, use drupal_not_found(), though I have not tried this in a panel. Or if you are using contextual filters try this.

Option 3, stop using panels and use view page with Bean and Context and theme regions and a bunch of other things. This way the page_callback is being handled by the view, so the view has the authority to return a 404 instead of theming the frame and other blocks and presenting those. Downside is you have to restructure the whole site so you probably dont want that.

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