In Drupal 7, I have a custom content type containing distance (a decimal field) and time (a date field where only hours, minutes and seconds are entered).

In a view on that custom content type, I would like to show not only distance and time but also speed. (speed = distance / time)

I already tried to create a formula in views calc but:

  1. I didn't find a way to get the hour, minute and second values separately from the date field. When I tried to define DATE_FORMAT (%field, '%i'), I got an error mentioning that i is not an allowed value.
  2. I tried to work with the value of %field directly (because I found out that the field contains 101HHiiss as value) but I coulnd't define something like %field / 1000000 because then I would get an error mentioning that 00 is not an allowed value.

Edit: Sorry, I overread "Views Calc" before I wrote my answer. But maybe it helps you nevertheless.

Views maybe isn't the right place to add your custom code to. You might consider writing a very small custom module. Let Views then maybe display full nodes. And in your custom module you might hook into hook_node_view(), grab your node's fields, do the calculation and finally add the result as a new field to the the node's content, which then will get rendered automatically:

function MY_MODULE_node_view($node) {
    dpm($node); // start with that

    $time = $node->field_time[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];
    $distance = $node->field_distance[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'];

    // do your calculations
    // ...

    $speed = $result;

    $node->content['speed'] = array(
        '#prefix' => '<div id="speed">',
        '#markup' => $speed,
        '#suffix' => '</div>'

When developing your custom module you might find the Devel module quite helpful. After activating it you can easily check out what's inside a variable and then double click the displayed results for a deeper insight. So you might start by calling dpm($node) right inside hook_node_view().

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