I'm trying to send HTML mails on a Drupal 7 install. For this, I use Mail System, SMTP authentication and Mime mail modules. I used settings as Alternative approach on this page http://drupal.org/node/1200142

The mail content is built within custom modules I'm writing (not by rules or simplenews, I mean). I tweaked default Mail mime template to my needs, within a separate, light drupal theme.

My mails are sent (and received) without error when they contain only HTML and styles. There are no error also when I had images with absolute url: Mime mail is leaving them as such.

I need to embed a few small images within my mails and when I try to do so, accordingly to what's written in Mime Mail README, I get a "Message body empty" at the top of my page when my code tried to send the mail.

I placed dpm($message) along the Mime mail code to locate where the body content is left empty. I finally reached the class MimeMailSystem implements MailSystemInterface located in mimemail/includes/mimemail.mail.inc

Body content was still there.

Then the class MimeMailSystem__SmtpMailSystem implements MailSystemInterface in default/files/mailsystem/MimeMailSystem__SmtpMailSystem.mail.inc

Again, my content was still there, along with inline BASE64 encoded images. So the content disappears somewhere after that (in Mail System ?)

As I pointed it out here, switching Site-wide default MailSystemInterface class in Mail System settings from MimeMailSystem__SmtpMailSystem to MimeMailSystem allows the mail to be sent with its images, but the mail is no more sent through SMTP.

I'm pretty sure this is not due to a bug within one of the 3 modules, but I can't figure what I'm doing wrong.

The only thing I doubt from here is how I build the mail content :

  • I build some variable HTML content
  • I store it in $message['body'][] in my module's hook_mail implementation
  • then I print $body in my mimemail-message.tpl.php within static HTML part of the mail

The images I try to embed are in public files. I tried to link them :

  • with relative paths like sites/default/files/<filename>
  • with relative paths like public://<filename>

with no success.

Does anyone has a magical one character solution for something I missed ? ;)


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Further investigations lost me into the SMTP Authentication Support module It's complicated enough and I couldn't locate something to help me find what was the problem coming form my configuration.

After a quick search within issues of Mime mail, someone was linking to another module to handle SMTP connection: enter link description here

Basically it works the same way than SMTP Authentication support but its benefit is you don't have to create a bridge mail system class between it and Mime mail, it's natively integrating with Mime mail.

To make it work properly, I had to configure Mail system as such :

  • Site-wide default MailSystemInterface class: MimeMailSystem
  • Mime Mail module class: MimeMailSystem
  • PHPMailer module class: DrupalPHPMailer

and in Mime mail settings : - set Mail engine to PHPmailer

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