Any potential issues with enabling keep alive in the .htaccess file for my Drupal 7 websites? Header set Connection keep-alive

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I can't see any potential issue with using Keep-Alive unless it is not properly configured. e.g

  1. ​KeepAliveTimeout value is not ideal. For example, if the site is high traffic the value should be higher​ to make sure there is no frequent tcp connection re-initiated.

  2. MaxKeepAliveRequests should be tweak according to number of assets the server is serving.

It is recommended to use this feature to:

  1. Reduce latency
  2. Reduce the use of server resources such as CPU and memory

For HTTPS you might want to check SPDY.

​SPDY is a protocol developed by Google to increase the speed and efficiency of delivering web content. SPDY modifies parts of the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to improve web performance.

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