My goal is to render an array of values (body, date) using my own theming function. I've read Using the theme layer, and checked out the example modules, and I can't see the reason why this isn't outputting the test string.

I've implemented registered my theme hook:

function mymod_theme() {
    $items = array(
        'mymod_items' => array(
            'variables' => array(
    return $items;

I've implemented a theme function:

function theme_mymod_items($variables) {
    return 'I am themed output';

And I call this from my hook_block_view:

function mymod_block_view($delta = '') {
    switch($delta) {
        case 'mymod':
            $block['subject'] = t('My Module');
            $items = array(
            $block['content'] = theme('mymod_items',$items);
    return $block;

This results in the block not displaying, and the following message turning up in the log:

Theme key "mymod_items" not found.

Can someone please tell me what obviously essential step I've missed, or if I'm going in entirely the wrong direction?

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It's an obvious answer, so sorry if you've tried it, but have you cleared your cache, specifically the theme registry?

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    Well, that was embarrassing. Dec 5, 2011 at 23:28

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