I am using Views PHP and having problem in doing a very basic thing.

In my view I added a field which I have to "Exclude from display" and show it only when there is a specific content type being called on Page.

So I used Views PHP, which checks the content type. The only problem is that I don't know how to output this field.

I used

$row -> myfield_name;

but that doesn't work.

So basically, I just need to use "Available Variables". But the $row->myfield_name doesn't work.

I can't use the following as this gives raw field. I only want to use how this is intercepted in my view and how my view shows it. This is because this field is a video and my view is formatting it with JWplayer and hence calling it will call it as JWPlayer.

$value-> _field_data["body"] ["entity"] -> myfield_name ["und"][0]["value"];


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The variables (or field) that you need to use as Available Variables must be before the Views PHP variable. Besides that install Devel module and use kpr($row) or kpr($view) or kpr($data) to get the available properties of these variables.
Also in "Output" section you can use var_dump or print_r to print available variables.

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