drupal 7.38

wysiwyg 7.x-2.2+63-dev

CKEditor 4.5.1.a513a92

If I create an article, switch text formats, everything is fine.

If I create a basic page, switch text formats, the ckeditor toolbar crashes and none of the buttons are clickable.

The crash also occurs if I create a new content type.

Here is a copy of the console log:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sas' of undefined js_ALIKtebL-PsIulJhUegpZmaxTRnPdAyakIc8kMeoL-4.js:382 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sas' of undefinedDrupal.wysiwyg.plugins.sas.attach @ js_ALIKtebL-PsIulJhUegpZmaxTRnPdAyakIc8kMeoL-4.js:382(anonymous function) @ js_ALIKtebL-PsIulJhUegpZmaxTRnPdAyakIc8kMeoL-4.js:103CKEDITOR.tools.createClass.proto.setData @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:780(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:349j @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:10CKEDITOR.event.CKEDITOR.event.fire @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:12CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fire @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:13CKEDITOR.tools.extend.setData @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:251b @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:775(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:777CKEDITOR.editor.setMode @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:328(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:323j @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:10CKEDITOR.event.CKEDITOR.event.fire @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:12CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fire @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:13CKEDITOR.event.CKEDITOR.event.fireOnce @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:12CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fireOnce @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:13(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:246CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load.g @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:226CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:226(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:245(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:233(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:231CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load.g @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:226CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load.B @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:226CKEDITOR.scriptLoader.load.s @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:226(anonymous function) @ ckeditor.js?nstvdm:227

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I would "downgrade" to the stable WYSIWYG 7.x-2.2 version of the WYSIWYG module, and to the 3.6.x version of CKEditor (such as CKEditor version, since the WYSIWYG module does not support the 4.x version yet ...).

Another option is to switch to the CKeditor module (which is in core in D8 now ...), and no longer use the WYSIWYG module in combination with the CKEditor library.

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