I created a Drupal 6 site for a client which I, as user #1, will edit and maintain. However, I want the client to be able to allow/deny new authenticated user requests. I have created a new role and assigned it the following user permissons:

  • access user profiles
  • administer user
  • change own username

This works and the users with that role can manage new user requests exactly like I want. However, they now also have the ability to change the User 1 password and do some serious damage to the site.

Is there a setting, permission, or module I can use to prevent this?

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  • User protect: protects specific fields of users from being edited.
  • Administer Users by Role: lets you decide which roles a user can edit. Assign a dummy role to the admin user and give permissions for every other role.

First one says it is complicated, second one may be a pitfall if you add new roles but don't give access to edit them.

  • Administer Users by Role does exactly what I need. Thanks.
    – Tantalus
    Dec 8, 2011 at 18:36

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