I'm attempting to get the taxonomy term id from a field in the node template for a content type. I'm currently rendering the names of the terms using this


This works fine for grabbing the names of the terms. However I would like to be able to grab the actual term ids from those fields instead of just the names. Using devel I do see that that information exists, however I'm not sure how to refer to it.


Updating the Answer:You can use template_preprocess_node. in your theme template.php

function YourTheme_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  $variables['tags_tids'] = array();
  foreach ($$variables['field_tags'] as $key => $tag) {
    $variables['tags_tids'] = $tag['tid'];

then in your node.tpl you could loop through the "$tags_tids"array, and do whatever you want.

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  • Sorry I forgot to mention that I already tried that. When I do that all it spits out is 'Array' – Matt Aug 10 '15 at 20:13
  • not so bad, try to loop through array using foreach – sam2de Aug 10 '15 at 20:16
  • Printing out the items of the foreach loop gives me: '1', 'markup', 'Array', 'Array', 'TagName', but no term id. – Matt Aug 10 '15 at 20:24
  • Just updated the answer with different way to get the tids. give it a shot. – sam2de Aug 10 '15 at 21:31

Simply double click the value you called in Devel and you will be offered the concrete path to your value. It then may be displayed like $content->field_tags[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['tid']

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