I am trying to create a report where in I want to perform the column multiplication and keep the result in separate column, say column name as "total" and finally need to calculate the sum of the total column. So far I have tried with view calc module and searched for other option but I am stuck I am not able to achieve this! I have attached a simple report also. Can anyone help on this please?

enter image description here


Have you looked at the Matrix field module? It provides a table with fields in each cell, it's possible to define calculations in some of the field.

I'm the co-maintainer of the module if you have any problems.

  • Thanks for your response Colin Shipton: can i use the fields which are from different content type?and create table view and also calculation?reason is i have to get the fields from different content type and do the calculation in view.
    – kashish
    Aug 12 '15 at 10:02

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