I'm using the modules Private Message, Invite and Organic Groups in Drupal Commons.

I get listed with trusted content using Views and need to set private Message button for bulk operation just like the Privatemsg Bulkmail module from D6 (for which there is no D7 version yet).

How can I get the Private Message module to work with the VBO module, or any other module, in Drupal 7?

I created an Email system with bulk operation via external mail system.

"User can invite friends and send email using VBO module "

But I want to send mail/message internal system like the Private Message system for bulk trusted contacts. How can I achieve this?

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Looks like there are currently no plans for a D7 version of the Privatemsg Bulkmail module you are referring to. However, I'd use the integration of the Privatemsg module with Rules instead (make sure to checkout this community docu, and its child pages ...), together with the VBO module.

For more details, refer to the video about Using Rules components with VBO. Possibly you also want to look at the 2 prior videos and/or the 2 subsequent videos (all about Views Bulk Operations), i.e.:

In this specific case;

  • use Views bulk operations to create the list of your users to be targeted.
  • use Rules action "Send a message" (provided by Privatemsg module).

PS: yet another great usage of the Rules module, in this case in combination with the Privatemsg module. So I wouldn't worry too much about the Privatemsg Bulkmail module not being available for D7.

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    Awesome Answer @Pierre.Vriens..Let me try it and update you..
    Commented Aug 15, 2015 at 10:11

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