I have Content type named Restaurant, When creating restaurant nodes I am imputing the Latitude/Longitude using the GEOFIELD module.

I have managed to Display all the restaurants in One Map using Views, Leaflet and leaflet Markercluster modules, you can see the attached screenshot.

My task now is to create a page named Nearby, where all restaurants near to user's current location(Latitude/Longitude) will be displayed, let say restaurant within 2km from the current users location.

To get the current user location, A prompt will appear on his/her browser asking them to share their location this is more specific for anonymous users.

I believe there must be a way to accomplish this task using Views or custom module.

Please Guide me step by step on how to make it happen.

any help will be highly appreciated. enter image description here

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Having messed with many Drupal mapping modules, I've found IP Geolocation Views & Maps to be the best overall helper (along with Leaflet, which I love). Give it a shot! It has lots of options, supports lots of maps, has geolocation stuff built in, marker clustering and some other stuff.

  • Thank you @scotself, i will give a try as you suggested and Give u feedback.
    – mrcniceguy
    Commented Aug 13, 2015 at 19:46

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