I'm trying to change the output of an image field so that I can display it using a Javascript image gallery. I have the basic field formatter set up, but I'm having trouble finding the correct place to override the theme that displays the <img> tag itself.

I'm overriding the viewElements function of the core ImageFormatter:

class ImageGalleryFormatter extends ImageFormatter {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function viewElements(FieldItemListInterface $items) {
    $elements = parent::viewElements($items);
    foreach ($elements as &$element) {
      $element['#theme'] = 'imagegallery_format';

    $elements['#attached']['library'][] = 'imagegallery_formatter/light-gallery';
    return $elements;


There I can set my custom Twig theme for each element, but that theme only writes the stuff directly around the <img> tag, not the tag itself. The theme provides access to an {{ image }} variable that renders the actual image. I tried accessing the variables inside the image like {{ image.uri }}, but that didn't work. I know the information I need is in there as I dumped the image variable in Twig and can see the array, but I can't access it from here.

From the Twig debug output I know that 'core/themes/classy/templates/field/image.html.twig' is the theme I need to override, but I can't find a way to do that from my module. I read the source of the core ImageFormatter viewElements function, but I don't see the image variable there and don't understand how I can modify it.

How can I override the theme that renders the <img> tag of an image field in my field formatter?


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I'm no expert on field formatters in D8, but are you opposed to using a preprocessor? If not, have a look at template_preprocess_image_formatter. It looks like that is where you would prepare your own variables for use in the image formatter template. Cheers -

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