I created a new view mode for comments called "cool", as shown in the image below (click the image for full size):

enter image description here

I created comment--cool.tpl.php and added it to my theme template folder.

Based on the question about Custom tpl for view mode for all contenty type, I also need to add a pre-process to my theme. I tried:

  function MyThemeName_preprocess_comment(&$vars) {
  $vars['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'comment__' . $vars['view_mode'];

But I get an error "Undefined index: view_mode"

Seems like comments preprocess doesn't have view_mode as an argument. So I guess it's not possible to create a tpl for comments? OR is there another way?

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With take look at Template Comment Preprocess You find out that you just need use $vars['elements']['#view_mode'] instead of $vars['view_mode'].

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