I'm currently trying to make a 'biography' block with Drupal profile pictures and when you click on them more information (user fields that has been filled in by the Drupal user) will dynamically display in a block. To be more specific, this is what I want:


I tried to make a Views block displaying the profile pictures. These pictures will function as thumbnails. The things is, I have no idea how it will show more information when you click on them (without going to the profile page). Is there a Views trick, Jquery way or any other method I can try?

  • The "link-click" aspect is definitely jQuery, so you will need to find a code snippet or plugin that does exactly what you want and 1. Load the jQuery into your theme; 2. In Views, rewrite the HTML output according to the requirements of the plugin. Commented Aug 16, 2015 at 16:22
  • You could try the colorbox module.
    – rooby
    Commented Aug 17, 2015 at 0:00

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Have a look at the Colorbox module. Some more details about it (from its project page):

Colorbox is a light-weight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. This module allows for integration of Colorbox into Drupal.

Images, iframed or inline content etc. can be displayed in a overlay above the current page.


  • Works as a Formatter in entities and in views.
  • Excellent integration with core image field and image styles and the Insert module
  • Choose between a default style and a number of other styles that are included.
  • Style the Colorbox with a custom Colorbox style in your theme.
  • Drush command, drush colorbox-plugin, to download and install the Colorbox plugin in sites/all/libraries.

Credits: rooby (in a comment below the question).

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