I am new to drupal and I have added few more necessary fields to the user create page [i,e in configuration->people->account setting->manage fields],but the added fields are not displaying while creating the user[i,e admin->people->add user] but its displaying while editing the created user, I have searched to figure it out from last 1 week but no luck for me. if anyone know the reason for not displaying please help me. I have attached the screen shot too.Thanks in advance.

the added fields are not dispalying

Fields has been added

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this is a similar questions on Drupal answers. I would remove this one as i considered duplicated.

Adding fields to user registration form


The solution of your problem is that you are missing an option while saving new fields. Please must tick the check-box "Display on user registration form" placed below the "label" field as shown below in the image.

enter image description here

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