At the content type i add some field:

if you want to include or embed block into the body of your node https://www.drupal.org/project/insert_block

if you want to include or embed view into the body of your node https://www.drupal.org/project/insert_view

How about webform?

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It can be done with Node Embed module

Node Embed provides an input filter for CKEditor integration allowing a content editor the ability to embed the rendering of nodes within the body/fields of another node. This uses a View to allow for the browsing/preview/selection of a node to embed and provides a set of template suggestions that allow for the detailed control of node rendering when in embedded mode.


For webform: Use insert block module as well.
Structure --> block --> Click configure one of the webform you want to add.--> look at the URL

Example: http://localhost/example.com/#overlay=admin/structure/block/manage/webform/client-block-5/configure

Type this "[block:webform=client-block-5]"

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