This may be more a php question, but pertains to Drupal, so here goes: I'm trying to configure Varnish Control Terminal to use multiple hosts using settings.php. I have:

$conf['varnish_control_terminal'] = array ('','');

but I keep getting this error (1 set for each host in the array) at http://localhost/admin/config/development/varnish:

Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in _varnish_terminal_run() (line 192 of /app/aegir/platforms/cms-1.0/sites/all/modules/contrib/varnish/varnish.module).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in _varnish_terminal_run() (line 196 of /app/aegir/platforms/cms-1.0/sites/all/modules/contrib/varnish/varnish.module).

I've also tried these (one by one):

$conf['varnish_control_terminal'] = array ('');
$conf['varnish_control_terminal'] = array (;
$conf['varnish_control_terminal'] = array ('');

with the same result. I think my array syntax is incorrect, but I am not sure what the correct syntax would is ... any ideas ... ? I looked at php's array documentation as well.

EDIT: This also causes the varnish status at http://localhost/admin/reports/varnish to go blank, so I am not sure if Varnish caching for Drupal is functioning properly or not at all.

Many thanks!

PS: I also posted a note in the Varnish project's issue queue on Nov 30th and haven't heard anything.

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So, turns out, the list of hosts is not an array; this works:

$conf['varnish_control_terminal'] = '';

Hopefully, it helps someone else.

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