I have an Article content type that has related_news field. It displays inside the article text as a box.

In node--article.tpl.php I have the following code:

  // We hide the comments and links now so that we can render them later.
     print render($content);

I found that I can hide the related_news field using hide as:


Is there any function like hide that could able to wrap the that field in custom HTML like <div class="custom">...</div>?

I tried the following:

//$content['field_related_news'] = "***". $content['field_related_news']."***";

But it causes to hide the field from the node.


You could easily achieve that in your node file by using the field_view_field() function and hiding it from the default render($content).

To do that just set the display options in your custom content type to hide the title or whatever you want and put the following php code in your template:

<?php $related = field_view_field('node', $node, 'field_related_news'); ?>
<div class="custom"><?php print render($related); ?></div>

Don't forget that you will need to hide your field in the render($content) otherwise you will see it twice.


You can achieve this by creating field tpl file.

Refer field.tpl.php

Create tpl file named as field--field_related_news.tpl.php

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