I already post a question regarding this issue but I haven't got any solid answer(s). Since we are not allowed to communicate inside the iframe due to "Same Origin Policy", which I almost give up due to all responses that there is no way to re-size the height of an iframe coming from different domain.

Being eager to solve the problem I searched for solutions and I found this easyXDM which looks like a solution to my problem. Any of you guys have an idea about this. In addition to that I read this post also.

I also tried this one but it keep refreshing the page and keep looping to add height. Looking forward to hear from you guys.

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I'd hate to say it, specially as the author of easyXDM, but http://consumer.easyxdm.net/current/example/resize_iframe.html is kinda the way to do it if you need cross-browser (and especially IE6) support. If you're fine with only supporting more modern browsers, then using postMessage directly is not that hard.

  • ...really appreciate your effort to answer my query. your plugin is very cool but have a difficulty implementing in Drupal...any suggestions? Dec 9, 2011 at 8:51

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