I'm trying to make a GET request to a specific article on my drupal 8 website (local). These are the steps I've done:

  1. Enabled all 4 Web Services modules at the modules page
  2. Created an article (url: http://dp8studyxb14copy.dev/node/4)
  3. Changed permissions for Access GET on Content resource for all users (also Anonymous Users) enter image description here
  4. Installed REST UI module.
  5. Changed settings for content nodes (admin/config/services/rest/resource/entity%3Anode/edit) enter image description here
    1. Make a GET request enter image description here

But the problem is as you can see is that he returns HTML... . Now when I make a REST export view with a list of articles it works ... But not from a node itself.. .

What am I doing wrong?


Drupal 8 doesn't use accept headers for this anymore because it was problematic for caching.
Use ?_format=hal_json instead.

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