I want to authenticate via LinkedIn and, after successful login, import basic user profile data into the Drupal user profile. We're currently looking into LinkedIn Integration Module. Unfortunately this module doesn't have a strong support or new developments going. Are there alternatives?


That module is the only LinkedIn-specific module that does that; LinkedIn Company API Suite is for company (not individual) accounts and flux LinkedIn API integrates with LinkedIn, but it does not provide any other functionality.

For quick Drupal profile creation, you're better off using one of the many social media login modules that supports LinkedIn (e.g. HybridAuth, Janrain, etc.)


The LinkedIn Integration module provides integration with the LinkedIn API.

It bundles :

  • a main module, that does nothing on its own, but provides a few functions other modules can build on.
  • a LinkedIn Authentication sub-module, that let users login to a Drupal site using their LinkedIn account.
  • a LinkedIn Profile sub-module, that let users display parts of their LinkedIn profile within their user page.
  • a LinkedIn Status sub-module, that lets users update their LinkedIn status when creating/updating nodes or comments.

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