I have one of custom table with fields named title and id. Now I want to add the title field in views exposed filter as drop down.

How to create exposed filter for this?

Could anyone explain where I can find this?

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It should depend on how you are exposing the field to views, make sure views know about field and filter handler, so as an example in your hook_views_data() your title field should be exposed in following way -

// name field
$data['exposed']['title'] = array(
    'title' => t('Title'),
    'help' => t('title for record'),
    'field' => array(
        'handler' => 'views_handler_field',
    'filter' => array(
        'handler' => 'views_handler_filter_string',
 'sort' => array(
        'handler' => 'views_handler_sort',

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